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Wembley Place, Brent

Wembley Place

Located on Wembley High Road, the former Town Hall offices provide a 1.9-acre site that was acquired by Henley Homes in late 2014. The existing 1960s office building will be replaced by two seven to ten storey brickwork-clad blocks.

To reflect Wembley’s sporting history, the five apartment blocks are named after flowers to match the Olympic ring colours; Marigold (yellow), Bluebell (blue), Zinnia (green), Cosmos (black) and Poppy (red).

At a glance

  • 88 homes (45 affordable rent, 43 London Living Rent)
  • 6000 square feet of retail space and public realm
  • Wembley Stadium rail services a stone's throw away, and walking distance to the Overground at Wembley Central Station

Explore the development

Wembley Place, Brent
Wembley Place, Brent
Wembley Place, Brent

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