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Somerset Road, Richmond

Somerset Road

Once used as an office and industrial space, the arrival of the Somerset Road site brought 29 more homes to the heart of Teddington, Richmond in spring 2014.

At a glance

Somerset Road was a Section 106 project.

  • Architects: HGP
  • Contractor: Linden Homes
  • Units: 29 (19 affordable rent, 10 Shared Ownership)

About Somerset Road, Richmond

Energy efficient homes

All Somerset Road homes incorporate leading energy efficiency measures, including rooftop solar cells which help reduce annual electricity bills and service charges for residents. Cells on the houses feed directly to residents' individual electricity supplies, reducing their annual bills. Meanwhile, cells on the apartments are used to feed the landlord supply for lower service charges.

Each resident at the development is provided with on-site parking, along with a communal podium garden for all to enjoy.

In the area

The property location is enviable, with excellent access to good primary schools and transport links.