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Oaklands House, Old Oak Common

Oaklands House

We are working with QPR to bring forward the first regeneration site at Old Oak Common.

The site used to be a hostel and was not used for over ten years.  This will change the area into a vibrant new neighbourhood.  The scheme will mark the start of a new link road which will open much of the wider area to regeneration.

At a glance

  • 605 new homes (242 affordable, mix of social rent, affordable rent and shared ownership)
  • The remaining private rental homes will be a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments
  • 3,000 square metres of office and commercial space
  • New nursery and health facility

Explore the development

Oaklands House, Old Oak Common
Oaklands House, Old Oak Common
Oaklands House, Old Oak Common
Oaklands House, Old Oak Common

About Oaklands House, Old Oak Common

Regeneration in the area

Old Oak and Park Royal in west London is home to the UK’s largest regeneration scheme. The second Mayoral Development Corporation has been created to oversee the development of 650 hectares of land which will see West London transformed in a way like that of the Olympic Park in East London.  It is a major opportunity that will create over 25,500 new homes and 65,000 new jobs over the next 30-40 years.