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Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich

Kidbrooke Station Square

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) and Transport for London (TfL) are working together under the name Kidbrooke Partnership LLP to deliver new homes, shops, open spaces and a vibrant new centre around Kidbrooke Station.

We've worked with the local community and stakeholders to design attractive homes, new public spaces and commercial facilities. Work space and retail will sit around a main square. We are also set to improve public transport, pedestrian and cycle routes.

At a glance

Kidbrooke Station Square (KSS) is at the heart of the existing regeneration in the Kidbrooke area. The KSS site sits at the heart of an area Greenwich Council have identified as the 'hub' of the new Kidbrooke town centre.

  • 619 new homes (310 private homes, 157 shared ownership and 152 affordable rent)
  • Great transport links with a short commute into central London
  • Commercial offering with new shops, a cafe and work-space
  • On-site nursery included

Explore the development

Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich
Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich

About Kidbrooke Station Square, Greenwich

What's happened so far

After starting works at the beginning of the year all operations were brought to a stop at the end of March due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, since the 8th June the site has been open again, albeit it with new safety measures introduced on site e.g. social distancing, one way systems and extra sanitiser points. We, and our contractor John F Hunt, will continue to monitor all Government advice and information from the Construction Leadership Council.

What works are John F Hunt completing?

John F Hunt have already, or will be, completing the following tasks; installing hoarding around the site, removing vegetation, removing any contaminates, piling (forming the foundations), laying in-ground services e.g. drainage before finally pouring the ground floor slab for the buildings.

A Tree Protection Order will be enforced on site so that a number of trees (mainly on the northern boundary) will be retained. While there were more trees originally on the site, these were surveyed and found to be of low quality and had to be removed for the construction of the development. New tree species will be planted within the scheme which will support an overall increase in biodiversity.

What stage are we at?

So far they have erected perimeter hoarding, cleared vegetation, installed welfare units (and adapted these to cater for the new Covid-19 working practices), started to remove soil from site to form the new site levels and undertaken surveying for unexploded ordnance.

All environmental monitoring will continue through these processes to ensure that safe levels of noise and dust are not exceeded.

What’s happening next?

John F Hunt will continue to remove soil from site but the next big activity will be the start of the piling works. These will focus along the northern edge of the site against the A2 and the A2213. Sheets of metal will be installed so to allow soil in front to be safety removed whilst still providing support to the ground behind. This task is expected to run from the end of July to October.