Our board is responsible for implementing a robust governance framework throughout our organisation. It comprises nine non-executive members and two executives, including 45% females and 55% males. Our board members have diverse career backgrounds and bring a breadth of experience to our organisation.

The board delegates some of its responsibilities to committees, each of which has a group-wide remit. Each of these committees has clear terms of reference and delegated authority. They report back to the board after each meeting, where their recommendations are
considered and approved where appropriate.

We are subscribed to the National Housing Federation’s code of governance 2015 and have been awarded a G1 governance grading by the Regulator of Social Housing.

Ensuring equality and diversity for our employees is of extreme importance. Alongside the rest of the G15 housing associations, we signed a pledge to work hard to address and close the Black and minority ethnic (BAME) gap, especially at senior managerial, leadership and board roles. We are doing this by committing to be more visibly diverse at all levels of the organisation, collaborating with our partners to invest in and support BAME talent, and celebrating BAME successes and achievements.

We publish an annual gender and ethnicity pay gap report, which looks at the difference in average pay of male and female employees, and between different ethnicities. Our staff diversity groups – Beehive, our women’s network, PROUD@NHG our LGBT+ network and Cultural Energie, our BAME network – continue to go from strength to strength.

Our most recent achievements include becoming the first housing association to sign up to the Confederation of British Industry’s Change the Race Ratio campaign and the appointment of two new non-executive directors with BAME backgrounds.