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Building safety

Our first priority is ensuring our residents are safe and we are undertaking a huge building safety project to investigate any existing safety issues and ensure they are put right.

Keeping you safe

Keeping our residents and buildings safe is our first priority as a responsible housing provider and we want to keep you updated on our approach to building and fire safety. This is a national issue facing all building owners whether public or private and we are working with fire engineers, developers and contractors to ensure our buildings meet regulations.

In September 2022, we were able to confirm we will not be asking residents to pay any of the costs of fire remediation work to the external wall of their blocks, or to balconies where they have been deemed to pose a risk of spreading a fire. This follows the publication of the Building Safety Act.

We know this has been an issue of concern for many of our residents and are pleased to be able to share this positive outcome.

The pages below provide the latest information you need


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