SimpliCity is a service we offer for working households who cannot easily access social housing, but are also unable to afford to rent or buy at market rates, or participate in Shared Ownership schemes. Read our success stories and watch our video.


Who's eligible?

You'll need to meet a range of criteria to be eligible for one of our SimpliCity homes. These are listed in adverts for each property, which are posted on

What we offer

A growing number of families in London are living in accommodation in the private-rented sector, with very little security. SimpliCity aims to provide an alternative for these families by offering tenants a one or three-year tenancy and a guarantee that rents will increase by no more than CPI+1% each year, as well as a responsible and trustworthy landlord.

Download a SimpliCity welcome pack to find out more.

How it works

New SimpliCity properties are advertised at Homes are currently available only in the London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Croydon and Greenwich.

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