Information for students

Last updated: 30/10/2020 at 12.24pm

We’re aware that you have only recently moved into your new room and are having to deal with a whole new experience against the backdrop of a pandemic. In addition, some of you have tested positive for Covid-19 or are self-isolating, which can only add to the stress of the situation. We want to reassure you that we are committed to ensuring you have the necessary support to help you manage this unexpected outcome. 

We're working with the University of West London to identify alternative accommodation for you for the remainder of the academic year. This will be available for you to move in to over the next few days. We will also provide a food and travel allowance. We will need to move you in phases to ensure we comply with Covid-19 guidance and reduce risk. Our dedicated onsite staff will help you to manage that. 

Thank you to those who attended the Zoom briefing sessions last week. The calls were hosted by Katie Bond, our group director of sales and building safety, who is in overall charge of this project and Andy Mackay, our director of building safety.  A member of our student lets team was also on the call.  

The sessions included details on building safety issues and your rehousing options, as well as the process for moving you to your new rooms in strict accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

student lets team are available 
to discuss details for your specific circumstances. 


  • Why do I have to move out?

    We recently received new information that has raised significant fire safety and structural concerns. Your safety is our priority and we believe the safest approach is to move everyone off the estate. 

  • Is it safe to remain until my move date?

    We have introduced additional waking watch wardens to provide extra safety until we can move you all to your new accommodation. These are in addition to the temporary fire alarms and the simultaneous evacuation procedures already in place.

  • Do I have to take my belongings?

    Yes. We’re arranging transport so that you can take everything with you to your new halls.

  • What costs will you pay for?

    We’ll pay to move you and your belongings to your new halls of residence and provide you with a one-month travel card. We’ll also provide a one-off subsistence allowance of £50 a head.

  • Are you providing packing boxes?

    Yes. We have a company dropping off boxes to your rooms and packing up your belongings for you. 

  • Can I make my own arrangements to move?

    Only if you are moving back to your parents’/carers’ or into accommodation that you’ve identified and are paying for yourself. If you are moving to rooms provided by us, we’ll need to ensure we move you in line with public health guidance around C-19. 

  • Can I go to work/lectures?

    Yes, as long as you haven’t tested positive for C-19 or are having to self-isolate.

  • Where is my new accommodation?

    We have identified alternative accommodation in west London, closer to your current location, which many of you told us was important.

    You were sent information about the new accommodation on 22 October and a link to choose your new room on 23 October.

    New arrivals are no longer being accepted at Wembley. If you’ve already moved there, we’ve sent you the same information about booking new accommodation as others.

  • What charges will I have to pay for my new accommodation?

    Rents are listed on the booking form sent on 23 October and UWL have confirmed that no one will pay more than they do at Paragon for the same accommodation type.

  • Will I be able to get back into the flat after Sunday 25 October?

    As your new accommodation is guaranteed for the rest of the academic year, we hope to be able to move you and all your belongings in one go.

  • What charges will I be responsible for after I leave?

    You will pay rent to UWL for your new accommodation, but will no longer pay for your Paragon room as you won’t be living there anymore.

  • What happens to my Paragon flat once I move out?

    We don’t yet know. Due to the complexity of the building issues, we don’t yet have a holistic plan to fix the buildings so cannot guarantee that people will be able to return to the estate. This is why we are working with you all to find short, medium and long-term options.

  • What else are you providing?

    We’ve arranged for everyone affected to use LifeWorks, a wellbeing and mental health package for 12 months at our expense. The package includes a telephone advice line and six face-to-face counselling sessions. 

  • Who can I talk to?

    For finance-related questions, please contact UWL at