Renting from another landlord

Last updated: 23/06/2021 1.20pm

Where we knew you were subletting and had details of your landlord we have also written to your landlord and would encourage you to speak to them at the earliest opportunity. 


In this section you'll find information on:

Interim options
> Removals
New home availability
Other private rent options

Interim options

We will provide you with alternative accommodation until completion of the buyback of your landlord’s Paragon flat provided you continue to pay rent to your landlord.

If you wish to source your own alternative accommodation elsewhere while continuing your agreement with your landlord, we will reimburse your monthly rent costs up to £1,250 for a one-bed and £1,800 for a two-bed apartment. Again, you must continue to pay rent to your landlord.


We’ve appointed Restore Harrow Green to move your larger belongings to your new accommodation following your hotel stay. We’ll pay for the cost of your move - up to £750 for a studio or one bed and up to £1,000 for a two bed home.

Please contact Restore Harrow Green using the details below to arrange a suitable time for your move:

  • Move manager Tina Thompson – email or call 020 7540 6572
  • Jessica Boswell – email or call 020 7540 6514

New home availability

Folio London
We’ve put together a list of properties available to rent in west London through Folio, Notting Hill Genesis’s private rent business. If you’re interested in any of these, please use the contact details provided to request further information or a viewing.

You can also browse other properties available across London through Folio and inquire directly about any you’re interested in.

To contact Folio, please call 020 3815 0980 or email them.

Other private rent options

Talk to your caseworker who will help you navigate the private rental sector and identify properties in west London that are available at rents close to what you pay now for your Paragon flat.                           

Local estate agents 

The following local estate agents are also available to help you:

Anthony James Manser

Robertson Smith and Kempson


You can also perform your own search for properties in the area on Rightmove or Zoopla.