My Community - E14

To celebrate the many different communities in which Notting Hill Genesis have our homes, we asked residents to submit stories about why you love where they live. In our first instalment, we hear from Nisha, who lives in Poplar. 

"I love my home from Notting Hill Genesis. I’ve never had an apartment before and it’s my dream come true!

"I live within three minutes walk from Blackwall DLR station. I like the area because it’s densely populated. I love how close we are to the shops. Tesco, our go-to grab-and-go grocery store is just below our home. Chrisp Street Market is just a 10-minute walk from my house and it's bustling with life. There are many nice people and small businesses here.

"Parks are practically on every corner, which is fantastic for children. My daughter enjoys the wooden park, which is conveniently close to Blackwall Station. 

"One of our favourite things to do is to go for a walk and take in the scenery which is gorgeous and gives me so much joy!  

At home, my window provides me with peace; I enjoy gazing at the sky. We can see Canary Wharf from there."

If you’d like to write about why you love where you live, check out our guidelines. Submit your piece with a couple of good-quality photos and we might feature them on our website and in our residents’ magazine Connections.