More results from resident survey

We’ve previously given you information about the results of our first NHG Resident Satisfaction Survey. We now want to tell you a bit more about how the results relate to you and your property.
Overall satisfaction with NHG from residents in general needs housing was 66.8% which is slightly higher than the average across NHG as a whole. Within this, those who were previously residents of Notting Hill were more satisfied than those who were previously residents of Genesis.
Meanwhile, satisfaction from leaseholders was 56.3%. This is lower than the average 65.2% across NHG as a whole.  Within this there are differences between those who were previously leaseholders of Notting Hill who scored us 62.8% and those who were previously leaseholders of Genesis who scored us only 47.2%. 
During the six month period before the survey, three quarters of you had to contact us. You told us that most of the time you were happy with the knowledge of the person you spoke to and the way they handled your queries, but that we only managed to resolve your issue in the time you expected 60% of the time. When we were unable to do this, we only kept you informed about delays in 25% of cases, so we know we need to do better.
You have also told us that you are happier when you can talk to your named housing officer about your issue, and this is something that forms a big part of our resident promise.
Focus on repairs
The main reason that you had to contact us was to arrange a repair to your property. 
A third of the time this was easy for you to do; your repair was arranged the first time you called us and completed when we said. However, all too often you had to call us several times about the repair, and we only completed just over half of repairs on the first visit.
We know how important repairs are to you and this is why we carry out separate surveys after a repair has been completed to ask you about your experience. You have told us that the surveys that you are asked to complete take too long, so we have changed the way that we do this. The repairs survey is now a short, automated survey with only a couple of questions. If you receive a call or text message then we really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback to help improve our services.
Contacting us
The survey makes clear that you prefer to contact us by email and this we believe is easiest when you have a named officer to contact as is likely reflected in the higher scores for those of you who live in properties previously owned by Notting Hill which operates with that model. 
Those of you who are leaseholders living in homes that were previously Notting Hill were happier with the knowledge of the person you contacted. This likely reflects the investment we have made in training our officers and improving their focus on your needs which is something we will continue in the future as we integrate both organisations’ leasehold services.
We will let you know in future articles how we are changing things following your feedback.