Encouraging creativity and life skills on the Aylesbury

The Aylesbury team supported community partners to deliver another successful youth programme during October half term. 

Throughout the week, local young people embraced their creativity and explored new skills. They created window displays and three-dimensional building models, based on the Aylesbury Estate, working together to create their own reimagined neighbourhood. This prompted a thoughtful and interesting discussion about what makes up a neighbourhood, what is currently missing, what brings people together and how a future Aylesbury neighbourhood might look.

They also created their own exquisite African print books, participated in a Black History Month-themed quiz and expanded their knowledge of the wide range of diverse cultures represented across the Aylesbury Estate. 

The week finished with a day trip to the London Bushcraft Centre in Dulwich where young people learned survival skills, including fort building, making a natural compass and building a campfire on which we cooked toasties and s’mores. The young people also enjoyed a hike in the forest and camouflaging themselves for a game of predator among the trees. 

Thank you to our community partners Abi’s Family Zone, Harriet Mena Hill, and London Bushcraft Centre, as well as the young people for such a successful, enjoyable and educational week.