We've updated our equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Our equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) policy highlights our commitment to maintaining fairness and inclusivity as a housing provider and an employer. It supports our strategic aims in this area and reflects our new value of inclusivity.

The policy takes a proactive approach to tackle unfair treatment and discrimination and ensures the diverse needs of colleagues, residents and stakeholders are met. In the definitions section, it lists protected and unprotected characteristics, including care responsibilities.

We’ve incorporated the requirements of the national public sector equality duty into our policy to ensure it recognises wider social issues and that we listen to colleagues and residents who draw issues of current affairs to our attention.

The policy also outlines our approach to reasonable adjustments for our residents to make sure the services we provide are tailored to their needs.

We realise that the policy won’t automatically solve all ED&I issues in our organisation, but it is an important strand, alongside other initiatives, such as our Race at Work action plan, of work towards a more equal, diverse and inclusive organisation in the future.