Thank you to our amazing marathon runners

Sixteen people including three Notting Hill Genesis colleagues, one contractor from partners Wates and one international runner from China have raised almost £27,000 by completing last week’s London Marathon.

Carl Byrne, our group director of commercial services, was among those running to raise money for our hardship fund, which helps families alleviate hardship and short-term crises. The fund is also used to help pay for community events, or wellbeing and tenancy sustainment projects that benefit residents.

Between them they raised a total of £26,952.50.

Allan Williams, one of our ballot runners, said: “Running the London marathon was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. I can’t pretend it was all roses, but that’s what’s makes the feeling so sweet when you finish. The training was sometimes hard, but even without the prize of running the marathon at the end, those training runs did wonders in terms of my physical and mental health.

“On the day, the weather was kind, the crowds were out in force and I was looking forward to getting going for my first London marathon, of course wearing my snazzy Notting Hill Genesis vest. The support out on the course was fantastic and it got me through the difficult times. The last 10km or so was particularly tough, but so many people clapping and shouting encouragement kept me going.

It was great to see the Notting Hill Genesis cheer squad at Canary Wharf and knowing that I was running for a great cause was also something that kept me moving towards the end. It was fun, it was tough, it was emotional… what a day!

Aku Caliph, partnerships officer, was responsible for signing up and organising both runners and volunteers. She added: “The day was busy and fun. I got there at 6am to nab the best spot at mile 18 where our other volunteers and I all waved banners and cheered in support of our amazing runners. I even got a shout out from Chris Evans!

“I can’t thank our runners enough for their efforts. They are all incredible people who went out of their way to train and raise funds for us. A big thank you also to all of the staff members who helped out on the day.”

Every penny of the money raised will be used to provide a lifeline to the most vulnerable individuals and families living in our housing.

In the last financial year, £140,000 was awarded to help fund household items, school uniforms and support those affected by the pandemic by providing them with supermarket vouchers and food bank parcels. In addition, 108 food parcels were given to shielding and vulnerable residents via the Good Gym Project.