Signing up to Harry’s Pledge for carers

We’ve further demonstrated our commitment to carers at Notting Hill Genesis by signing up to Harry’s Pledge, a national campaign to support unpaid carers. 

This is the latest milestone for our carers network, established in February 2020 for all colleagues who care for others alongside carrying out their day jobs. 

I’m very proud that Notting Hill Genesis is visibly supporting carers and making it publicly known that we are a carer-friendly organisation by signing up to Harry’s Pledge,” says Natalie Quilter, who chairs the network and is herself an unpaid carer who works in our temporary housing team. 

“Our network has welcomed many new members over the past year and is proving invaluable in sharing experiences and offering practical and emotional support to people who are, typically, behind-the-scenes heroes.” 

Our carers network is one of several staff groups representing different groups of colleagues. The networks advocate for their members and meet regularly to review communications and policy and to share experiences to ensure that our workplace is an inclusive environment for everyone. Every network is sponsored by a member of our executive board to ensure their members’ needs are recognised and discussed at the most senior level in the organisation. 

To read our full pledge, please visit the Harry’s Pledge campaign website.