Shadow board meets for first time

The shadow board of Notting Hill Genesis met for the first time last night to get to know one another and start discussions about the challenges and opportunities for the proposed new organisation.

Made up of 12 members, six from Notting Hill Housing and six from Genesis Housing Association, the shadow board has a wealth of experience of the housing sector and beyond.

This includes two resident board members – one from each of the current organisations – to provide the valuable perspective of our tenants and leaseholders.

While the shadow board is now in place, the decision to complete the merger still requires agreement from shareholders. This is due to take place at a special general meeting later in 2017. 

Dipesh Shah, Chair Designate, said: “This is a big step forward in deciding how we will approach a merger and it will be of great benefit to the new organisation that such a strong group, who share a desire to provide quality affordable housing to people who need it, will be working towards making this a successful transition.”

Kate Davies, Chief Executive Designate, added: “There is still a long way to go before a merger is complete, not least getting the agreement of shareholders, but having the shadow board in place is very important. The knowledge and experience each of our members brings will play a vital role in forming a larger, more influential housing association helping to tackle the housing crisis in London and beyond.”

Until the formal merger, the existing boards of both Notting Hill Housing and Genesis will also continue to meet and provide strategic direction and oversight to the two organisations.

The shadow board designates are:

  • Dipesh Shah - Chair Designate (from Genesis)
  • Kate Davies - Chief Executive Designate (Notting Hill Housing)
  • Elizabeth Froude - Deputy Chief Executive Designate (Genesis)
  • Stephen Bitti - Resident board member (Genesis)
  • Jenny Buck (Genesis)
  • Linde Carr - Resident board member (Notting Hill Housing)
  • Jane Hollinshead (Notting Hill Housing)
  • Bruce Mew (Genesis)
  • Alex Phillips (Notting Hill Housing)
  • Richard Powell (Notting Hill Housing)
  • Eugenie Turton (Genesis)
  • James Wardlaw (Notting Hill Housing)