Remembering Grenfell

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster. 

Those affected are often in our thoughts, but each year, on this day, we take a chance to pause and reflect. 

We remember those who died, particularly the eight Notting Hill Genesis residents, and our hearts go out to those who have suffered loss and heartbreak. We also think about the impact on our colleagues, especially those who lived and worked in or near North Kensington and witnessed first-hand the devastating effect the tragedy had on the entire community. 

The Grenfell fire was a catalyst for a renewed focus on building safety across the housing sector, and the anniversary reminds us why that work is so important. We’ll continue to progress our major programme of investigation and remediation, and provide timely updates to those affected, to ensure our buildings meet regulations and are safe for our residents. 

Our corporate accounts will fall silent on Monday, but our customer service Twitter account, @talktoNHG, will still be available.

To find out more about what the North Kensington community are doing to mark the anniversary, visit Green 4 Grenfell.