NHH seeking consultants and contractors for new framework

Notting Hill Housing is seeking consultants and contractors for a new framework to support our development pipeline.

As one of London’s leading housing associations, managing nearly 32,000 properties across the capital and building thousands more, we have a rich and innovative history with the same purpose today as when we were formed in 1963 – to provide good quality homes for those who could not otherwise afford them. 

We are a member of the G15 group of major housing providers in London and one of the key housing association developers in London.  Normally, we complete between 1,200 and 1,400 homes per year.  Over the next five years, we will continue to have a large development programme, which will see us develop thriving communities and spend between £1.25bn and £1.5bn.

We work in many different areas, from buying land and building new homes to long-term successful management of flourishing communities. 

We could not do this without our consultant and contractor partners – many we have worked with on our first and second generation frameworks.  We have achieved excellence via these frameworks but with the second framework expiring in February 2017, we are now in the process of re-procuring our frameworks.

The new frameworks have been set up in their entirety following significant engagement with the market and our internal stakeholders to develop a truly fit-for-purpose framework that not only takes into account our needs now, but also an ever-changing marketplace.  We are looking to work with partners who will bring quality and innovation to everything that we do to make sure that we achieve our key aims of improving customer focus, pre-contract quality control and management, and delivery of a quality product through the construction period and ongoing management of defects.

For further information on the frameworks, please go to www.delta-esourcing.com and enter access codes as following to determine whether these opportunities are suitable for your business.

Consultant package 1Architects & Masterplanning, Architects and Landscape Architecture Access Code 69D6E8JR58
Consultant package 2Planning Consultants , Transport & Highways Consultants, Civil & Structural Engineers and M&E Consultants Access Code 225J6F83MS
Consultant package 3 Cost Consultant, Employers Agent, Project Management, Valuers, P&R Building Surveyor, Clerk of Works and Technical Inspector & Building Surveying Access Code RKS62CG99B
Constructors Access Code 5D45YS9G9T

The procurement is currently at Pre-Qualification Stage (PQQ) with the closing date for applications is 14 October at 1pm.