New report on equality, diversity and inclusion

Notting Hill Genesis has published its first equality, diversity and inclusion report today, Thursday 22 July 2021.

The report looks at our performance during 2020/21 on a topic that we increasingly consider as core to our culture, and one that is a central theme of our current corporate strategy. It reflects on our achievements in recent months and provides key data, which shows both progress and areas of concern.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are crucial to our work with residents, who come from a range of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. The report addresses the work we’re doing to address gaps in the diversity data we hold about our residents so we can better understand our different customer groups, their individual needs, and the best way to provide services to them. It also highlights the range of activities we deliver to promote inclusion and support our diverse communities.

On the staff side, the report covers our ambitious Race at Work action plan, developed in response to the reaction to the brutal murder of George Floyd, and looks at some of the work we’re doing to support colleagues’ mental health, which has been especially important during the pandemic and as we ease out of lockdown. It also considers progress around talent and learning to support increased career progression opportunities across our organisation and summarises activities undertaken by our five staff network groups. These lively and popular groups support colleagues from our Black and minority ethnic and LGBTQ+ communities, those with health and disability needs, carers, and women.

"I’m proud of the solid progress we’ve made over the past year on this crucial subject,” says group director of central services Vipul Thacker.

This is a journey, not a quick fix, and we have more to do, but I’m confident we’re moving in the right direction.