New lift contractors to improve our service to residents

We’ve appointed two new specialist lift contractors to improve lift repairs and maintenance across our buildings from the end of September.
Changing lift contractors should go some way to helping us achieve the vision set out in our Better Together corporate strategy and deliver on our customer outcomes of ensuring residents feel safe in their home and that we fix problems well and fast.

The new suppliers have been through an extensive procurement exercise to check they are able to deliver what we and our residents need and we’re confident both share our values and are committed to putting customer service first.

Passenger lifts
Around 11,500 of our residents (some 17%) rely on one of our 666 communal passenger lifts to get to and from their homes in their blocks. That makes it really important that we improve our lift services, not only when things go wrong, but also by pre-empting faults with regular effective maintenance.
Residents often share their frustration with us about how long passenger lifts in blocks on our estates remain out of service while waiting for a repair to happen. We understand how inconvenient it must be for some, but also what a detrimental effect it has on life for our elderly or disabled residents when lifts are unavailable.

To address those concerns and improve our service, we’ve partnered with a company called WeMaintain to maintain and repair all our communal passenger lifts. WeMaintain focus on innovative technology used to predict maintenance issues and reduce energy usage, creating energy savings and environmental benefits. By proactively identifying potential problems, they aim to reduce repair costs and inconvenience, ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

Domestic lifts
More than 600 of our households have a domestic lift. They are often a lifeline and enable older people and those with a disability to continue living full lives in their Notting Hill Genesis home.

Our new domestic lift contractor Taylor Dolman excels in repairing and maintaining domestic lifts. With many years’ experience, they specialise in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining ceiling hoist systems and adaptations. Their team will conduct bi-annual maintenance checks across all our domestic lifts to ensure the best possible lift performance.

Lift safety
Safety remains our top concern. Regular safety inspections are required for both communal and domestic lifts to meet legal obligations and provide peace of mind. Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) inspections, required every six months for domestic lifts, will be conducted by Mand lift consultants.