New heat and hot water contractors for our heat network sites

We’ve recently re-tendered the long-term heat maintenance contract for all our sites with a district heating network managed by us.

Changing heat maintenance contractors should go some way to helping us achieve the vision set out in our Better Together corporate strategy and deliver on the strategic priority of ensuring all our residents to have a safe, warm, comfortable home where they can enjoy life. It will also help us ensure we fix problems well and fast, as set out in our desired customer outcomes.

The new contractors, Orka and Vital Energi, have been through an extensive procurement exercise to check they are able to deliver what we, our residents and customers need and we’re confident both share our values and are committed to putting customer service first.

Orka and Vital Energi will take over from current suppliers on Tuesday 19 September. We’ve written to customers at the sites affected by the change to let them know what is happening and when and will share new contact details for the contractor who will be managing the maintenance for their estate when the time is right.

We’ve already carried out extensive preparation for the changeover. As part of the contract mobilisation there has been a formal on-site handover between the incumbent suppliers and Orka and Vital. Throughout September the teams from Orka and Vital Energi will also be meeting with our operational colleagues to answer any questions they have about the new arrangements.

Orka have worked for us on heat improvement projects, providing excellent customer service at other high-profile estates since April 2022. Vital are a large well known energy company with considerable experience of heat network maintenance at a national level.

The contract KPIs and service standards, put together with Fairheat, our heat consultants, are very high and will be rigorously measured. Clear Safety will continue to provide the quality assurance role.

We are looking forward to working with Orka and Vital Energi and improving the service we offer all our heat network residents.