New fund will help unite our communities

Today, we are launching the new Love Where You Live Fund to improve the social and economic wellbeing of communities we serve. Previously named the Genesis Wellbeing Fund, it has now been revised to ensure project ideas come from front line housing staff who know the needs of our communities.

Our themes are focused on:

1. Building financial resilience e.g. employment, training, debt, budgeting (food pantries, food support, energy support, baby banks etc), financial education and advice

2. Health and wellbeing e.g. projects to reduce social isolation and increase community engagement

3. Digital inclusion e.g. projects around helping residents to access tech, Wi-Fi, and build skills

Who can apply?

Charities or other not-for-profit organisations such as a constituted voluntary groups or Tenants and Residents associations (TRAs) may apply for funding. Each application will need to have a staff sponsor, such as a housing officer, supporting the application. Sponsors are internal members of staff, typically housing officers, who can advise the partner on their community and will be responsible for promoting the project to residents.

The partnerships team will also support the sponsor in promoting the project and make it a success.

What can money be used for?

Funding is for projects that help benefit Notting Hill Genesis residents and their communities. Project ideas must meet our objectives outlined above. Some examples of projects we have funded are the Money A&E budgeting project

The application process

Applications open on Monday 4th April.

Small grants of under £5,000 can be applied for by staff and Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) and funds can be paid to recognised TRAs and/or verified businesses. Applications for small grants can be submitted at any time. Please note, we are unable to make payments directly to staff. 

Larger grants between £5,001 and £20,000 will need an external partner to deliver the project and a staff sponsor (usually a housing officer or manager) to support it.

Partners are external organisations with experience in bidding for funding and delivering projects. They will be responsible for delivering the service to residents directly, collating information and providing case studies. 

Applications must be completed and submitted by the partner organisation who, if successful, will receive the funding following due diligence checks.

Please email for an application form. 


There are two rounds of large grants in 2022-23, and the deadlines are:

Round 1

  • Idea brief (provided by the project sponsor) due FRIDAY 29 APRIL 2022
  • Application (provided by the project partner) due FRIDAY 3 JUNE 2022

Round 2

  • Idea brief (provided by the project sponsor) due FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2022
  • Application (provided by the project partner) due FRIDAY 4 NOVEMBER 2022

For small grants of 5,000 or under, the partnerships team will look at applications each week. Please email for further information.