New fire risk assessment remedial work contractor framework

Last week, we launched a new framework of contractors to deal with passive and active fire risk assessment (FRA) remedial work, helping us deliver a better service to our residents. 

Following a rigorous procurement exercise, we’ve chosen new contractors to sit on a framework to help us hit our fire risk actions target and keep our residents safe in their homes. 

The new framework 

The new framework contains both active and passive fire protection contractors. Active fire protection means fire detecting and fore stopping equipment such as fire alarms and sprinklers. Passive fire protection means equipment to contain a fire or to prevent further spread, so things like fire doors and compartmentation. The contractors who have been selected for the new framework are listed below with their area of expertise.

Contractors Passive Active
Cablesheer X  
Harmony X X
Intrinsic X  
Millwood   X
Trail Services  X  

We’ve implemented a call off process for suppliers to undertake work. This means that we have an agreement with the contractors that we can place work orders with them as needed without having to go through a formal bidding process each time we need something done. This will mean a quicker resolution of actions to ensure our residents are kept safe. 

The new framework approach means that if any of the contractors are not delivering to the standards we expect, we can quickly bring in others from the list to complete work.

Group director of assets and sustainability, Matthew Cornwall-Jones said: 

“Ensuring our residents and their homes are safe is our top priority and it’s so important we find the right contractors to help us deliver the best possible service.

We have successfully procured a framework of contractors that we believe will allow us to deliver fire safety works quickly and efficiently.  We look forward to working with our framework partners to effect works of the high standard we and our residents expect.”

We’re looking forward to working in partnership with the framework contractors to improve the service we offer to our residents. 

The contract framework started on Monday 3 July and will run for four years with the ability to extend further.