Gas compliance nears 100 per cent for rented properties

We have achieved our best-ever figures for homes having gas safety certificates, with only eight out of more than 31,000 still requiring the document. 

In what has been a challenging year in terms of gaining access to check the system and issue a certificate, this is a fantastic achievement.  

As a landlord, Notting Hill Genesis is obliged to keep its 31,473 rented properties and the people living and working in them as safe as possible, which includes carrying out safety checks on gas appliances every 12 months. 

In some cases, this is not always possible if a resident continues to refuse access despite repeated requests. In these cases, and when this is not as a result of the recent lockdowns, Notting Hill Genesis must make a legal application in order to enter a property to carry out this important work, which can be time-consuming . 

Thanks to changes in the compliance team, including the appointment of a dedicated legal caseworker and creating a more efficient IT system, 99.95% of Notting Hill Genesis’s rented properties now have a current certificate. 

Asif Khan, head of assets, said: “This is an absolutely amazing achievement, more so given the recent pandemic and having to adapt to new ways of working and there is immense pride within the team.  

“This achievement further demonstrates the power of the collective and collaboratively working with colleagues to achieve the best results; in this case, safer homes for our residents.” 

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