Annual report on equality, diversity and inclusion

Notting Hill Genesis has published its second annual equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) report today, Friday 10 June 2022. 

As we move into the new financial year (2022/23), our organisation has made a renewed commitment to re-establish ourselves as a resident-centric organisation.  

This year’s report looks at ED&I and wellbeing during 2021/22, reflecting on our achievements and sharing key data that shows both our progress and areas for improvement. On the staff side this includes achievements from our Race at Work action plan, our Care and Support department’s work to develop their staff, and our five staff networks who have been making progress towards our goal of making our organisation a more equal and inclusive place to work.  

On the resident side, we have been running various activities and programmes to promote inclusion and support our diverse communities. One example is our resident involvement team that continuously seeks to involve more residents from diverse backgrounds and walks of life in our engagement work so we can hear their views. 

Our ED&I action plan for 2022/23 incorporates residents and staff focuses equally, and there is a clear commitment for a separate ED&I residents’ strategy to be created this year. We look forward to collaborating even more with those living in our homes throughout 2022. 

Chief executive Kate Davies CBE said:  

 “At every level, with commitment and vigour, we want to celebrate and include the diverse views, experiences and enthusiasm of both our resident and employee communities.” 

 “This report summarises all the work that we are doing towards ensuring we are truly representative and reflect the communities we serve.”