A guide to your application

Thank you for your interest in joining Notting Hill Genesis. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that one of our roles in the vacancies lists below sparks your interest.

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Applying online

For many of our jobs, we ask candidates to apply online. Our online system will usually ask you to complete an application form, which will ask you to:

Upload a CV
Answer specific questions or provide a supporting statement

We believe our application process is a great opportunity for you to tell us about your experiences and how they relate to the behaviours, experience and skills we’re looking for.

If you’re interested in applying, please also read our candidate privacy notice.

Bring your application to life

Whether you are providing answers to an application form question or writing a supporting statement, telling us about real examples from your experience is key.

This is especially important when you’re applying for one of our vacancies that doesn’t need you to have a lot of specific experience, e.g. our Housing Officer role does not ask for you to have worked in the housing sector before.

If we ask you to write about times when you’ve done things well in the past, this is usually to help us understand how your experience and skills are transferable to the qualities and behaviours that we have identified as important to do a job well. In these applications, it’s really important that you tell us about real-life experiences that you’ve had.

As with all good stories, when you tell us about your experience in your application, each example should include a beginning, middle and an end.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start, read the description of the behaviours we’re looking for (the “competency description”), and then when you’ve thought of your example, tell us about it using the “STAR” structure:

Most of your focus should be on the ‘A’ and ‘R’ parts of your example.


• Avoid talking generally – for example, if you have a fantastic customer service approach, don’t just say so, show us by telling us about a time you actually delivered great service.
• Avoid saying what you think you would do – tell us what you have done and achieved.
• Avoid saying “we” – it’s important to focus on what you personally did or said rather than what you did as a group with other people.
• Make sure your example is relevant – read the competency description and make sure that your example shows us the same behaviours we’ve said we’re looking for.
• Use active words to describe your actions – e.g. instead of saying “A meeting was set up
with the customer” say “I arranged a meeting with the customer so that I could speak to them and identify their needs”.

Role requirements

All role requirements will be outlined in the role profile, which will be available to download from the job advert. Whether you are answering application form questions or writing a covering statement, you should take these into account, as the recruiting manager will be setting short list criteria around these requirements. 

Our recruitment partners

From time to time, we utilise recruitment partners (e.g. recruitment agencies) to advertise our roles. Retinue Solutions are one of our main partners and often manage roles for us directly. If they are managing a role for us, you will be redirected to their application platform (ATS365) to apply.

Technical support 

If you have any issues applying via our JGP application platform, please contact the JGP support team (available 9.00am-5.30pm daily) via 020 7427 8250 or email support@jobsgopublic.com.