Our vision for Notting Hill Genesis, Making London Home is our response to the housing crisis in London. We are committed to working Better Together to provide good quality homes to enable our residents to live their lives well. Our values set out what we stand for and should be visible in how we behave when carrying out our work.


Our neighbourly spirit prevails and informs how we treat everyone, from the colleague sitting next to us to the resident in our care. We are generous with our time, our actions, and our investment in people, whether our colleagues or residents.


We are committed to change where it will improve services, systems or processes for our residents and others. Our teams strive to be better than the day before and recognise the achievements of getting there. By asking questions, thinking creatively and trying out new things, we ensure that change is incremental and that we learn from mistakes as we go.


If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We take ownership and hold ourselves and others accountable for following through on the commitments made. By demonstrating that we consistently deliver and keep our promises we build the trust of everyone we work with. Our colleagues and residents can count on us.


We believe in housing that works for everyone. Celebrating the diversity of both our resident and employee communities, we commit to profoundly changing the balance of power in our organisation in order to authentically reflect them. We proactively fight injustice and champion equality. Collaboration, whether with external agencies or through internal teamwork, is the only way to achieve our collective vision. Good ideas can come from anywhere, so we take the time to listen to others and treat everyone with respect.


We are facilitators, here to champion and support our residents. Led by them and their needs, we empower them to use their home as a springboard to prosper and grow. We empower our people to lead, take ownership of their work and be accountable for everything they do. They leave their own mark as they contribute to the positive change we collectively make.