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The Isokon, Camden

The Isokon

Our renovation of The Isokon building revived an important piece of London's architectural heritage, while creating 35 much-needed affordable homes at the same time.

At a glance

Lawn Road Flats, known as The Isokon Building, in Hampstead was considered to be a blueprint for a modern, minimalist lifestyle when it was built in 1934. It was empty and in serious decline when we acquired it in 2002.

The refurbishment required working closely with English Heritage, the Isokon Trust and Avanti Architects to sympathetically restore the building to its former glory. Working within the original, ground-breaking design of the Grade 1 listed building, we developed 35 homes, many of which are owned by key workers, as well as an impressive penthouse.

  • Architects: Avanti
  • Units: 35

About The Isokon, Camden

A brief history

The Isokon building was the UK’s first experiment in communal, high-density living and attracted an artistic clientele. It was frequented by the likes of writer Agatha Christie, sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, and designer Walter Gropious, who would meet and socialise in its communal kitchen and bar.

Visit the building

The Isokon Gallery tells the remarkable story of the building. The exhibition is open to the public at various times of the year. Entry is free and the exhibition is being managed by National Trust volunteers.