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The Exchange, Southwark

The Exchange

Shortlisted for a New London Architecture award, 205 home scheme, The Exchange, also managed to achieve a greatly needed 71% of affordable housing in central London location.

At a glance

Architects PCKO designed the scheme to be contemporary but also blend sympathetically with the historical street-scape.

The Exchange incorporates a Sainsbury Local and a gym for residents.

  • Architects: PCKO
  • Contractor: United House
  • Units: 205 (102 Shared Ownership, 59 private sale, 44 affordable rent)

Explore the development

The Exchange, Southwark

About The Exchange, Southwark

Affordable housing

The site has been commended for the high provision of affordable housing, with all tenures being occupied quickly. Sales went extremely well and we generated an overage of £3.5 million for Southwark Council. We celebrated our landmark 30,000th home on this site in 2014.