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The Boatyard, Ealing

The Boatyard

The development is named as such as it was formerly the home of a boatyard for British Waterways on the Grand Union Canal in Ealing.

At a glance

The Boatyard is a mixed tenure development that provided 100% affordable housing comprising of 26 apartments and four 3bed townhouses.

The development is located in a conservation area characterised by parks and open spaces. It is set in its own private grounds and has a communal secure play area for young children. Each home has a dedicated parking space.

  • Architects: BPTW
  • Contractor: Bugler Developments
  • 30 (26 Shared Ownership and 4 social rent)

Explore the development

The Boatyard exterior across water
The Boatyard exterior across water
The Bloom exterior

About The Boatyard, Ealing

Canal side design

The Boatyard, Ealing is an elegant new canal-side development in a conservation area characterised by parks and open spaces. The brownfield site was once a boatyard for British Waterways. A sensitive design approach appropriate to the context of the natural surroundings was utilised on the scheme with the incorporation of existing trees and landscape elements into the design.


30 units total, divided into the following tenures:
4 social rent
26 shared ownership