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Printworks Apartments

Printworks Apartments

Printworks Apartments, a 100% affordable housing, was constructed using a low-energy construction approach and pushed the boundaries in terms of design, quality and energy efficiency.

At a glance

Built by constructor Skanska, this award-winning development raised the bar, at the time of construction, for green living with a 44% increase in energy efficiency using the pioneering construction solution ModernaHus.

  • Architects: AHMM, Powell Dobson
  • Contractor: Skanska
  • 108 (65 Shared Ownership, 43 social rent)

Explore the development

Fabrik exterior
Fabrik exterior close up
Fabrik exterior close up
Fabrik living room/dining room

About Printworks Apartments


The project was the first in the UK to be constructed using Skanska’s ModernaHus construction concept, which involves the use of pre-cast concrete panels to reduce construction times and improve quality.

Printworks Apartments was named runner-up in the ‘Most Eco-Aware Project’ category at the First Time Buyer Awards in 2012.



Using a broad selection of eco-features, from water efficient fittings and energy-saving under-floor heating, to central biomass boilers, the scheme proved popular with buyers, with over 70% of the homes being reserved within the first six months.