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Penfold Court, Westminster

Penfold Court

Penfold Court is an award-winning supported housing development with 40 homes, designed to help older people live their lives to the full.

At a glance

Penfold Court was built in 2004 and offers self-contained one and two-bedroom apartments at social rent prices, as well as two shared accommodation clusters with the aim of giving its residents as much independence as possible.


  • Architects: PRD
  • Units: 40 extra care

Explore the development

penfold exterior
Penfold party - aerial shot

About Penfold Court, Westminster

Support through technology

We have close working relationships with specialist architects known for their innovative designs for people with sensory impairment and mobility problems.

Assistive technology enables residents to maintain their independence while having the comfort of knowing that care and support is at hand if needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The living areas are linked by a winter garden and the rest of the building features community facilities and activity spaces, which are used by community groups from the local area. A hairdressing salon, hobby room and restaurant are included on site, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

The inhouse Penfold Community Hub welcomes permanent but also surrounding residents to participate in community activities and classes.