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North Circular Road, Enfield

North Circular Road

In 2009 Notting Hill Housing acquired a number of vacant sites and surplus properties along the North Circular Road (A406) from TFL who had originally intended to widen the road. However, plans were rejected and following our purchase we took on a multi-phased approach to bringing much needed life back into the area. Through four phases we have built or refurbished 554 homes.

At a glance

In the 1970s, the Department of Transport purchased a number of parcels of land and homes along the A406 with the intention of widening the road. However, the plans were rejected for a smaller road improvement scheme, but the houses remained unoccupied and fell into disrepair. In early 2009, Transport for London (TfL), who had inherited the sites, approached us to sell its surplus properties.

  • Architects: Stockwool
  • Contractors: Durkan, Kingsbury, Bugler, Allen Build
  • Units: 554 (312 social rent, 127 Shared Ownership, 74 affordable rent, 41 private rent)

About North Circular Road, Enfield

Phased approach

 Our regeneration work along the North Circular Road consists of four different phases and four different approaches to construction, including:

  • Refurbishment of derelict houses
  • Regeneration of small infill sites
  • Three large-scale new build developments
  • Comprehensive redevelopment of blighted commercial sites.





Phase 2: (Winter 2012 – Spring 2015): Included in the purchase from TfL were 10 vacant plots and garage sites where properties had been previously demolished, which when combined with neighbouring land, were ideal for small-scale development. they now consist of 45 new homes for social rent with sites ranging in size from one new 4 bedroom house to an apartment block containing 15 new flats.

Phase 3: (Spring 2014 – Winter 2016): We are currently developing three new build sites located on the larger parcels of land. The sites will provide 54, 60 and 120 new homes plus commercial space for community use.

Phase 4: The indecision over the possible road widening has contributed to the poor provision of neighbourhood facilities, including commercial/employment, retail, health, leisure and community uses. Rather than proceeding with the low key development or refurbishment in these areas, Notting Hill is engaging with the Council and local community to work up a more ambitious and positive long-term strategy.