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Lampton Road, Hounslow

Lampton Road and Civic Centre

The Lampton Road and Civic Centre project is a development agreement between Notting Hill Housing and Bouygues Development to build 919 new homes. Construction began in December 2016.

At a glance

The residential development will be located on the current site of the Civic Centre which the Council have established is an over-sized and inefficient building that could better be used to address the housing shortage.

The project will also deliver a new eco-friendly carbon neutral Civic Centre on a nearby under-used car park. The two sites form part of the Council’s overall redevelopment of the area, and have been warmly welcomed by the local residents and businesses.

Phase 1 is due to complete early 2019 and will be 100% affordable housing.

  • Architect: Allies and Morrison
  • Contractors: Bouygues
  • Units: 919 (459 private sale, 370 Shared Ownership, 90 affordable rent)

Explore the development

Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow
Lampton Road, Hounslow

About Lampton Road, Hounslow

Green infrastructure

Working in close collaboration with Hounslow and the GLA to deliver our shared vision of a new high-quality integrated community, we're confident this new landmark development will be a great success.

The landscape strategy creates key green corridors throughout the development, connecting the site to existing green infrastructure via a network of tree-lined shared surface streets, public open spaces and gardens with incidental play features.

A phased approach

The first phase of the project began in December 2016 and will provide 160 affordable homes, a mix of Shared Ownership and affordable rent.