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Hambrook House, Lambeth

Hambrook House

Located in Brixton town centre, this is a mixed tenure scheme of 94 new homes, 14 of which are Shared Ownership.

At a glance

Part of the extensive redevelopment of Lambeth Town Hall, Hambrook House is a mixed tenure scheme being developed by Muse, who will retain the private sale units. It consists of a social rent block plus a Shared Ownership/private sale block in Brixton town centre. The regeneration of the town hall is projected to save the council £4million per year.

Hambrook House is within five minutes' walk of Brixton underground station, Brixton rail station, and Brixton Market.

  • Architects: Cartwright Pickard (CPA)
  • Contractor: Galliford Try
  • Units: 94 (46 private sale, 14 Shared Ownership, 34 social rent)

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Hambrook House, Lambeth
Hambrook House, Lambeth

About Hambrook House, Lambeth