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Conrad Court, Lewisham

Conrad Court

Conrad Court is an extra care housing development with 78 one and two-bedroom rental homes in the heart of Surrey Quays in Lewisham, built for residents aged 65 and older.

At a glance

Conrad Court is a Section 106 scheme carried out in partnership with Berkeley Homes. It was completed in August 2014.

The scheme caters to a range of care and support needs. Our residents benefit from the manicured landscaped gardens, on site spa and suite treatment rooms and numerous communal activity rooms.

Transport links are also excellent, with Canada Water or Surrey Quays stations both within walking distance.

  • Architect: RHWL
  • Contractor: Berkeley Homes
  • Units: 78 extra care units

Explore the development

Conrad court courtyard
Conrad court exterior

About Conrad Court, Lewisham