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Canonbury Cross, Islington

Canonbury Cross

Just a short walk from Highbury & Islington tube station, Canonbury Cross is the redevelopment of 0.56 hectares of brownfield site, previously owned by Highbury Ford, a car showroom.

About this development

Canonbury Cross’s location, with surrounding Grade II listed buildings including Union Chapel, and two neighbouring conservation areas on the borders, required a sensitive and thoroughly planned approach to design and construction.

Through several public consultations we worked with our architects, Pollard Thomas Edwards associates, to create a design that would complement the environment. This included:

  • A reduced massing, height and footprint of the buildings to maintain the critical views of Union Chapel and local heritage
  • Pulling back from the site boundary to accommodate existing mature street trees
  • Family town houses as a more appropriate frontage to the opposing Georgian houses
  • Using traditional building material sympathetic to the local vernacular.


  • Architects: Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Contractors: Ardmore
  • Units: 90 (45 private sale, 27 social rent, 18 Shared Ownership)

Explore the development

Canonbury Cross, Islington
Canonbury Cross, Islington
Canonbury Cross, Islington
Canonbury Cross, Islington

About Canonbury Cross, Islington

During construction

Other than the street level considerations, the design and construction of Canonbury Cross was also affected by two tunnels that run directly underneath the site. One of which is the Victoria Line, and the other is part of the Great Northern Route which is due to be connected to the new Thameslink by 2018.

The close proximity to the tunnels and resulting vibration, needed careful consideration given the residential use above. While the reduction of vibration was not a planning condition, we, as long-term stewards of the building want to ensure resident satisfaction remains high. With our architects, we examined various options before settling on the use of an impact sound insulation matting fabric. This mat, consisting of high‐grade fibres of recycled rubber, has the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly solution to a complex problem.


A mixed tenure development

Canonbury Cross includes three generous three-bedroom apartments, eighteen two-beds, thirteen spacious one-bedroom properties each with a contemporary open-plan layout. Most of the apartments also benefit from either a private terrace, courtyard or balcony.

Ten open-plan houses boast three bedrooms for urban families, while a further property offers two bedrooms for smaller families or couples who need a little more space.  Each of the 2/3 storey townhouses benefits from an airy open-plan layout and both a courtyard and private terrace.