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Aylesbury Estate, Southwark

Aylesbury Estate

Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council are working in partnership on the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate in South East London.

We are committed to delivering a master-plan for 3,500 new homes, 50% of which will be affordable.

At a glance

The regeneration is about more than new homes, community facilities and improved open spaces. The partnership is committed to ensuring that local people experience the social and economic benefits of regeneration, such as employment, education and training and improvements in health and wellbeing.

  • Architects: HTA, Hawkins Brown, Mae Architects
  • Contractor: Hill are the building contractors for Contract A on the First Development Site. Vistry Partnerships are the building contractors for Plot 18.
  • Units: 3,500 new homes, 50% of which will be affordable housing (75% social rent, 25 shared ownership or shared equity). At least 30% of these homes will have three or more bedrooms.

Explore the development

Aylesbury Estate, Southwark
Aylesbury Estate, Southwark
Aylesbury Estate, Southwark
Aylesbury Estate, Southwark

About Aylesbury Estate, Southwark

We were selected as the development partner in January 2014. Following our selection we entered into the Development Partnership Agreement (DPA) with the Council in April and only eight months later, following 17 public pre-planning consultation meetings, we submitted a detailed planning application for 830 homes on the first development site, an environmental impact assessment and outline application for the masterplan which was subsequently approved in April 2015.

Demolition for the first phase of new homes began in 2017. We started construction on the site known as the ‘First Development Site’ on Albany Road in 2019. In 2020 we started construction on the site known as ‘Plot 18’ on Thurlow Street. Plot 18 will be a new neighbourhood hub and features a library, health centre and public square, as well as new homes. We anticipate the first new homes to be completed in 2021.

We are also offering an extensive programme of community development. This includes training, apprenticeships and job opportunities. We are supporting unemployed Southwark residents in jobs across a range of fields and at a variety of entry levels. We are committed to pay the London Living Wage throughout the supply chain to the Aylesbury regeneration.