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Aylesbury Estate, Southwark

Aylesbury Estate

Notting Hill Genesis and Southwark Council are working in partnership to regenerate the Aylesbury Estate in South East London. We are committed to delivering a masterplan for c.3,600 new homes, 50% of which will be affordable.

NHG is providing an extensive programme of community development for the Aylesbury, which includes training, apprenticeships and job opportunities. We are supporting unemployed Southwark residents into jobs across a range of fields and at a variety of entry levels, and are committed to pay the London Living Wage throughout the Aylesbury regeneration supply chain.

Want to know more?

Visit the Aylesbury Now website

At a glance

Regeneration of the Aylesbury is about more than new homes, community facilities and improved open spaces. The partnership is committed to ensuring that local people experience the social and economic benefits of regeneration, such as employment, education and training and improvements in health and wellbeing.


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