Our vision and values

Our vision is to provide homes that build a better place for all. We will do this by putting our focus on residents and what they need. All our decisions are led by what is best for our residents.

We know how important it is for people to have a safe, comfortable home from where they can plan a secure, independent future.

Our staff are motivated to provide a caring, compassionate, personal and localised service. All of us, from the board to the frontline, spend time in our communities, working with and listening to residents, elected representatives and other colleagues.

We are pragmatic about the need for commercial effectiveness, but always balance that with providing compassionate, resident-focused services and creating and maintaining diverse communities.

Our values set out what we stand for. They help guide our colleagues, inform their behaviours and influence the decisions they take every day.

Our culture

We have five key themes that are integral to our culture and the work we do.

Technology, digital transformation and data-driven decisions

We are committed to digitally transforming services both for residents and staff to improve value for money and enable us to thrive and be fit for the future. In recent years we have built technology like our My Account platform to make services easier to access and help us be a leader in our sector. We plan to move completely to the cloud by 2022, reducing our carbon footprint and embracing the power of data and cloud technology.

Diversity and inclusion – our response to the Black Lives Matter movement

We are anti-racist and positive about diversity. We want to ensure our organisation, at all levels, reflects the communities we serve. We want to learn from, educate and challenge one another about the discrimination faced by many so we can all take steps to change that. We want to be inclusive so all colleagues can thrive and feel they belong, as well as to better understand how our services impact on different groups of residents.

Environmental, social and governance issues

We will prioritise and embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across our business. These criteria are increasingly being considered by investors as they look to invest ethically in businesses and organisations that provide social value.

We believe protecting the environment is an integral part of a high-performing, successful organisation. We will continue to reduce the environmental impact of our work and ensure our homes are sustainable during their whole life.

A strong social proposition already helps us attract and retain employees, enhance employee motivation and increase productivity. We will continue to build on this and foster relationships with the people and communities in which we operate. Building on our diversity programme we will ensure we have an inclusive, well-governed organisation with diverse leadership that can hold us to account, make good decisions and comply with the law.

Value for money

We take a value for money approach to all our activities and ensure it is central to regular business planning, performance monitoring and decision making. Understanding and achieving value for money is fundamental to the success of the business and should be evident in everything we do.

Wellbeing and safety

We want all our residents to be safe and comfortable in their homes and for our staff to be safe as they go about their jobs. The health, wellbeing and safety of our residents and staff are fundamentally important to us and we consider and promote safety in everything we do.

We are reviewing all our buildings higher than 18 metres to ensure they are safe and meet their exacting standards of emerging new building safety legislation and undertaking a programme of works to achieve greater energy efficiency in our homes. Both programmes will require significant expenditure but we will manage our finances to ensure we have adequate resources to meet our safety commitments now and into the future.